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Digital communication

Digital communication: easier and safer for you. Particularly at present!

You have accrued pension or pension capital with us and, consequently, every now and again you receive post from us. During the coronavirus crisis, we wish to continue sending you good and timely information. Therefore, we want to draw your attention to the possibility of communicating with us digitally.

Your digital post can be found in one place to which you always have access:

Via, you can also inform us that you wish to communicate with us digitally. If you do so, you will receive a message from us whenever there is new personal post for you. Think, for example, about your pension statement.

Passing on your digital preference is simple!

Step 1: You log on to using your DigiD username and password.
             You do that by logging in to your DigiD with an extra text message check. You activate the text message
             check via

Step 2:  On the homepage of you can simply pass on your communication preferences to us. On
              this page, you let us know that you wish to receive your personal post digitally. Good to know: You can 
              change these details at any time.

Step 3: You check your email address is correct, or inform us of it, and then you press the ‘Confirm’ button. All done!
             From then on, you will be sent your personal post digitally, and you will receive a message from us whenever
             there is post ready for you.

You can also pass on any other communication preferences to us
For example, in respect of our newsletter PGB Bericht and our magazine PGB Beeld (in Dutch). This means you will always be aware of the latest pension news and are able to receive interesting tips from us. Would you like to contribute ideas by completing a questionnaire from time to time? Or express an opinion in our customers’ panel? If so, you also pass that on via your communication preferences on If you live abroad and do not have Dutch nationality, you should login using a BSN number and a password. Do you not, as yet, have a password? Then please send us an email.

Do you have any questions?
If so, we are happy to help! You can phone us on +31 (0) 20 541 82 00 or send an email to