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This is what we ask of you

It's important that you think about your pension once in a while

Check the status of your pension once in a while
Your pension is your income for later. This is why it is important that you look at how much pension you could receive later every now and then. This can be done via Do this if, for example, there are changes going on in your life. You can see here which changes can influence your pension.

Please inform us about changes in your life
We are informed about most changes via your municipality. Some changes however, you have to let us know by yourself:

You have a new e-mail address
Are you giving us permission to send you digital communication? Then it is important that we have your e-mail address. Only then can we inform you if there is post for you. Send us your new e-mail address via

- You are moving abroad or moving while residing abroad.
Your municipality does not inform us about your new address. You must do this yourself. This can be done via You can also fill out a different postal address there.

Moving; moving abroad; New e-mail address