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Building up extra pension for yourself

You can build up extra pension over your salary up to € 101.519 (amount 2016).

Through your employer, you pay us an amount to build up extra pension. This could be every month, but also in 1 large sum. With this money, you build up your pension capital.

You do not know in advance how much extra pension you will receive
We invest your pension capital. This is how we attempt to ensure that your capital grows. How much this capital finally becomes depends on our investment returns. You use your capital to buy in extra pension. Therefore you do not know beforehand how much extra pension you will receive.

How much extra pension can you build up?
According to the law, each year you may build up an amount for your pension tax-free. This is referred to as tax scope. If you do not make full use of this scope in one year, you may build up extra pension yourself.

At you can calculate how much extra pension you can build up and how much that will cost.

You will receive returns over your capital
You will receive the returns that we make. We will deduct 1% from the returns for the costs we incur. Please keep in mind that the returns could also be negative.

These are the risks that you take with your capital
- You run an investment risk. Your capital could grow more slowly or even decrease. We try to keep that risk as small as possible.
- You run an interest rate risk. If the interest rates are low at the time that you purchase pension with your capital? Then you may receive less pension than you had thought. Are the interest rates high? Then you will receive more pension.

This is what happens with your capital when you pass away
What happens to your capital depends on your situation:

You have a partner
  We use your capital to purchase pension for your partner.

You do not have a partner but you do have children 
  Zijn Are your children younger than 18 years of age, or between 18 and 27 years of age and still studying? Then we use your capital to purchase pension for your children.

You don't have a partner or children
  Your capital lapses. Other family members and friends do not receive any pension from us.

How to arrange for building up extra pension
U You arrange for building up extra pension de opbouw van extra pensioen via Dat kan zolang u nog pensioen bij ons opbouwt. Hoeveel pensioen u extra kunt opbouwen, hangt af van uw pensioenregeling.




Investment risk; Capital